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Investment Adviser: Saturna Capital

Saturna Capital Corporation, Bellingham, WA, is the investment adviser and administrator for the Amana Funds. Saturna Capital Corporation's discount brokerage subsidiary, Saturna Brokerage Services, acts as distributor for Amana.

Founded in 1989, Saturna Capital Corporation has $3.8 billion in assets under management and is the adviser to Saturna Investment Trust and to separately managed accounts.

Each Amana Fund pays an advisory fee of 0.95% on the first $500 million of a Fund's average daily net assets, 0.85% on the next $500 million, and 0.75% on assets over $1 billion. A discussion regarding the basis for the board of trustees renewing the advisory contracts is available in the Funds' Semi-Annual Report every November.

Mr. Nicholas Kaiser, MBA, CFA, is chairman and controlling shareowner of Saturna Capital Corporation. Since 1990, Mr. Kaiser has been the person primarily responsible for the day-to-day management of both Amana Funds. Mr. Kaiser has managed equity mutual funds since 1976.