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"When the Amana Mutual Funds Trust began, we were looking for ways to help Muslims invest in the market and we realized a mutual fund is an ideal vehicle for Islamic investors because all investors are equal and no one has a special interest."

Nicholas Kaiser
Portfolio Manager

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Islamic Investing

The Amana Funds invest according to Islamic principles. Generally, these principles require that investors avoid interest (riba) and investments in businesses such as liquor, pornography, gambling, and banks. The Funds avoid bonds and other fixed-income securities. The Funds seek protection against inflation by making long-term equity investments. Of course, no mutual fund can guarantee that it will achieve its objectives.

The primary objective of the Growth Fund is long-term capital growth. It favors companies expected to grow earnings and stock prices faster than the economy. Growth investing offers greater opportunity for long-term gain, with a related increase in price volatility.

The Income Fund seeks current income and preservation of capital. It invests only in dividend-paying common stocks, which are expected to have more stable stock prices.

The Developing World Fund seeks long-term capital growth. It invests only in stocks of companies with significant exposure (50% or more of assets or revenues) to countries with developing economies and/or markets.