Amana Developing World Fund

Amana Developing World Fund: Portfolio

Top Ten Portfolio Holdings
As of 09/30/2014 Percent of Fund Assets
Western Digital 2.9%
Aspen Pharmacare Holdings 2.7%
VF 2.6%
Baidu ADS 2.5%
MercadoLibre 2.5%
Mead Johnson Nutrition 2.5%
Telekomunikasi Indonesia ADS 2.4%
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services 2.3%
Kalbe Farma 2.0%
Telenor ASA 2.0%
Total 24.4%

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Sector Allocation
Amana Developing World Fund: Sector Allocation
Consumer Staples 16.1% color box key
Health Care 14.4% color box key
Communications 13.0% color box key
Utilities 7.7% color box key
Materials 7.6% color box key
Consumer Discretionary 7.5% color box key
Energy 5.1% color box key
Technology 4.8% color box key
Financials 3.2% color box key
Industrials 2.8% color box key
Cash and equivalents 17.8% color box key

Sector weightings are shown as a percentage of total net assets.