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Setting Up Your 401(k): Step-By-Step

  1. Review and sign the Recordkeeping Agreement.
    This is the document that details the recordkeeping and administrative services Saturna Capital will perform.
  2. Work with a retirement plan specialist to choose your desired plan options.
    We prepare your Basic Plan Document and Adoption Agreement based on your directions.
  3. Review and sign the Basic Plan Document and Adoption Agreement.
    Taken together, these form your 401(k) Plan Document; they detail the provisions of the Plan and how it should operate.
  4. Notify employees of the plan and adopt your procedures for administering the plan.
    We prepare your Summary Plan Description for distribution to your employees.
  5. Keep a copy of all completed employee enrollment forms for your records. Return a copy of all completed enrollment forms to Saturna Capital.

  1. Review your company’s Summary Plan Description.
    Be sure you understand how the Plan works and your Plan’s options.
  2. Complete and sign the Wage Deferral Agreement.
    Investments must be at least $25 per pay period.
  3. Complete and sign the Investment Election Form.
    Be sure to read the Prospectus of each Fund selected. Sextant Core Fund will be the default option if no selection is made.
  4. Complete and sign the Beneficiary Designation Form.
  5. Return all completed documents to your company’s Plan Administrator.
401(k) Forms