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Investment Options

Saturna Mutual Fund HSA

If you invest in any of Saturna's affiliated no-load mutual funds, we will not charge you any account opening, maintenance, or custodial fees on your HSA account. There is never a fee for making contributions or taking distributions.

Investments in mutual funds are subject to ongoing expenses that shareowners pay indirectly. Please consult a fund's prospectus or summary prospectus for more details.

Saturna Brokerage HSA

You may elect to invest your HSA via Saturna Brokerage, allowing you to invest in a broad array of investment options, including: non-Saturna mutual funds, stocks, covered call options, and money funds. The permitted investments are the same as those in Saturna IRAs. Trades using self-directed brokerage HSAs are subject to the Saturna Brokerage Services commission schedule.

Your brokerage account comes standard with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capabilities, allowing you the ability to move money easily, without charge, between your personal bank account and your brokerage account. The brokerage account can either hold cash or automatically invest excess cash in your choice of three core money market funds, and withdraw it to cover debits. (Note: money market funds are interest bearing.)

Automatic Transfers

Using ACH (Automated Clearing House, also known as EFT), Saturna HSA customers can make automatic contributions from their bank accounts to their health savings accounts, and/or make withdrawals from their Saturna accounts to deposit in their designated bank accounts. Transactions can be scheduled any business day desired — employing a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule. ACH can be used for both Saturna HSAs and Saturna Brokerage HSAs.