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Online Services

Brokerage HSA customers who feel comfortable doing business without the assistance of a broker and want 24 hour access to information and investing can register to:

  • View current positions, account balances, and transaction histories.
  • Buy or sell stocks and non-Saturna mutual funds.
  • Change or cancel orders.
  • Place option and margin orders (with prior approval, restricted in retirement accounts).
  • Place orders after market close for next day trading.
  • Obtain real-time or delayed quotes.

Commissions on Internet-entered stock trades are reduced to 2.5ยข per share plus the price of one share.

Establishing your account is fast and easy. The confidentiality and security of your account information is important to us. To protect against fraudulent use of your online information, we established the following method of opening a brokerage account:

  • Establish a Saturna Brokerage HSA account.
  • Obtain a PIN number from a Saturna representative by calling us at (800) SATURNA. Then, visit Saturna Brokerage Services, Inc. and enter your account number and the PIN.


Reliability and predictability of Internet trading may be reduced by many factors beyond our control. If you do experience problems with your Internet connection, you may telephone Saturna Brokerage directly where live brokers are ready to service your needs from 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time on market trading days. We also offer technical support that might be able to assist with connection problems. The time your order is received may not reflect the time you place an order, as you must allow time for each order to pass certain validation checks before we can take responsibility for the order and route it for execution. In fast-trading stocks subject to rapid swings in supply and demand, an order you give at "market" may get executed at a price substantially above or below its recent quote. If you decide to place an order in a fast market, entering a limit order (instead of a market order) allows you to establish a buy price at the maximum you are willing to pay, or a sell price at the minimum you are willing to receive. While the ease of Internet trading might encourage more frequent trading, we discourage "day-trading" and caution that excessive trading rarely proves as successful as long-term investing.

For useful tips on Internet trading, visit the SEC's investor education website (www.sec.gov/investor.shtml) and the Investing Online Resource Center (www.investingonline.org).