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Investing For . . .

For all the important reasons you save and invest, Saturna Capital, as administrator to the Amana Funds, has an account type to get you on track toward your goals.

Saturna's IRAs, health savings, education savings and employer retirement account options are your most cost effective route to investing in the Amana Funds. There are no account opening, maintenance, or custodial fees with Saturna when you choose the no-load Amana Funds.

You are not limited to just the Amana Funds in your Saturna accounts, however. You have the flexibility to purchase common stocks and other investments, including a wide range of unaffiliated mutual funds, through a self-directed brokerage account option administered by Saturna Brokerage Services.

Saturna accounts are held in trust through Saturna’s wholly owned subsidiary the Saturna Trust Company under the highest fiduciary standards. Saturna Trust Company offers an impressive variety of flexible, low-cost administration and trust services designed to meet needs of families, charities, trusts, estates, and retirement plans.

Note: Investments in mutual funds are subject to ongoing expenses. Please consult the Funds' prospectus for details. Purchases of common stocks and unaffiliated mutual funds through a Saturna Brokerage Services acount are subject to the commission schedule. 401(k) Plans are subject to an annual fee. See the fee schedule for more information.